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Black powder’s easy ignition makes it an ideal component for pyrotechnics. WANO has produced black powder since 1682 and has a long history of producing quality black powder that today is sold around the world. We have the critical ability to customize our black powder through the blending of various charcoals (Beech, Alder, Hazelnut or Maple) in house.

Fireworks/Mining Grades

One pound can packaging is available by special order.
Contact our office or your favorite distributor.

50 Pound Box
16” x 16” x 9”
UN0027, 1.1D


Mil-Spec Powder

We do have Mil-Spec powder available. We offer from Class 1 through Propellant granulations sizes. All powder is approved for US DOD use. We can provide certification specs on all Mil-Spec powders. Contact us for more information. Un-glazed and special orders are available, just contact us for details.

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