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The Aubonne Black Powder Mill (Swiss Black Powder Factory) was founded in 1853. It is the last mill of its kind still working in part by hydraulic power. The building housing the carbonizing kiln and stack is carefully maintained as it allows Aubonne to be one of the last factories to make their own charcoal. The Swiss Technical Services Association (Swiss TS/TUV) awarded the plant ISO 9001:2000 certifications in 2002. The factory is situated in the city of Aubonne overlooking Lake Geneva.

Swiss Black Powder has long been considered “The Best” in black powder due to a long tradition of black powder production dedicated to quality in componets and workmanship. The black powder is made entirely with alder buckthorn charcoal with a heavy graphite glazing. Our shooting powder is graded 1-5 under the European classification system, and 1Fg to 4Fg using the Anglo-American scale. These classes identify the dimensions and number of corns per gram. It is crucial to choose the right type of gunpowder for best results. Our powders are much sought for competitive target shooting because of its high, constant performance. The numerous world records obtained using our powders are testimony to their quality and performance.

Swiss Black Powder

It is made in the same factory and in the same way since 1843, when the factory was started. The charcoal is handmade on-site. This powder is available in 1 lb bottles and in bulk. (Special order only) Contact your favorite distributor for pricing.